Inter University Centre for Bioscience (IUCB)

Inter University Centre for Bioscience IUCB,Thalassery Campus, Palayad, Kannur District, PIN. 670661 (40 KM).

Director : Prof. (Dr.) M. Haridas
Phone : 0495 2332534 (R), 9446252450(M)
Courses & Strength : P.G. Diploma in Drug Discovery & Designing (10)

The Inter University Centre for Bioscience at Kannur University has been established as a part of the mission oriented initiatives of the Higher Education Department, Government of Kerala. The Mission of the proposed Inter University Centre for Bioscience (IUCB), Kannur is to be a global centre of excellence for research. Its chosen fields are the studies on herbal and marine metabolites and teaching in the allied sciences. It provides cutting edge technology development in interdisciplinary areas of importance to the country. IUCB functions in conjunction with the Department of Biotechnology and Microbiology, in Kannur University. It is taking shape of a nucleation centre for expansion into an institute of significance with autonomy in administration. The Centre is situated in a place with tremendous amount of resource materials, with very rich written and oral knowledge traditions and pioneering stakeholder-institutions. The most important area of expertise of the IUCB is in structural molecular biology.

The IUCB with focus on study of secondary metabolites is designed to have divisions for Hermeneutics of Traditional Medical Texts, Plant Metabolic Engineering, Therapeutically Active Principles, Separation and Derivatization Science, Toxicology Studies, Developing New Herbal Products, Biomolecular Structure and Information Science, Instrumentation and Instrument Maintenance Division, Animal and Cell Culture Facilities, Herbal Garden and Repositories and Green House. The IUCB conducts workshops and special training sessions for the students and teachers of tertiary level institutions. It is becoming a hub of frontier level activity related to the research in Bioscience in general and the chosen theme of the centre in particular. Now, the Centre functions as the part of the University with administrative and financial autonomy. The Centre is governed by a Governing Council. The first Governing Council has been constituted by the Department of Higher Education. The above structure is expected to be capable of nurturing of innovation and creativity in academics, quick decision making, accountability to stakeholders and providing an environment conducive to the development of aptitude, attitudes and skills in young scientists.